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Originally Posted by ///Mostarac View Post
those tails look sick!
Originally Posted by Studdly_Studright View Post
That is badass! I like the tail lights too.
Originally Posted by E46 Coupe View Post
Love the tails.
Thanks fellas. I wasn't sure how if I liked how they turned out at first since I always felt that the color matching combo was pretty much for the dub crowd (just my personal opinion) but they definitely grew on me and Im glad I chose to go alpine white rather than smoking them out.

Originally Posted by Gheybe View Post
Would love to take a crack at shooting this.
I'm down if you are. Let me know when and where and we'll plan it lol

Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT View Post
I would love to see this.

Car looks so damn good Benjo. Keep it up.
Thanks bruh! Same with your Z4. Its comin along nicely.

Originally Posted by Laguna01///M3 View Post
Ferrari Grey..

Love everything man! Keep it up.
Oops so close in appearance but Im sure theres a big difference once theyre seen up close

Originally Posted by AMG-ETR View Post
Now that's what you call Venom! looking sick.

Originally Posted by nojoda View Post
crazyyyy car!!! ever think about molding the top potion of the lip to the bumper?

- i wish i had cash to fill that v10 every 2 days hahaha

sick car man
LOL it's every 3 days so you'll be good haha I thought about doing that since I molded the front ACS lip on my E46 in the past, but just didnt know how it'd look without the extra line.

Originally Posted by RidinBimmerz View Post
looks great. please explain to me this Heavy Hitters thing. I saw the magazine a while ago on the stands and kinda laughed it off... is it a sponsorship you're representing or are you just a heavy hitter?? please explain
LOL it's actually a very intellectual read. It's a piece that pretty much covers the stories of the rich and not so famous. The editorials tell their story/strife and how they overcame obstacles to get to where they are now. And of course, covers their collection of cars, cigars, guns, jewelry, etc...

Inspiring/motivational and definitely not your typical RIDES magazine that just have more to do with FLOSSING rather than inspiring the readers.

It's no sponsorship at all, I'm just good friends with the editor and support the movement
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