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Matchee, how is the trany still doing? I have the same problem. Did you have to do any repairs? If so what?

I forgot to add some info. I have an E39 2000 528i, but some of the 3 series use the same Trany. Mine is a GM 1-423-875-V0 Read from Green Metal Label. About 6 months ago the problems seems to have started, but might have been doing it longer because it used to be parked on the street, and might have not noticed it. Just like yours when it's cold and in reverse for maybe only 4 feet, it will at times, pump out through the BREATHER on top of the Trany, the breather is located down where the bell housing meets the transmission. I saw it leaking out of there, when it did it the other day. After it happened the first time, my son took the car to his mechcanic he could not find any leak and so serviced the trany. The car has done it to me at least 4 times in the last 3 weeks. It usually pumps out a 4 inch diameter drip and few other small ones. I'm going to take it back to the guy that serviced it and ask him to put it up and check the fluid level. I really don't think it's the problem, being that it had the problem before it serviced the trany.

Here's a link that I found that shows the GM trany.


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