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Two questions:

1- So the rear interior panels are different from the coupe, in that there's a top and a bottom piece, and the center leather bit needs to come out to access the lower piece? That threw me the first time I saw it.. So even to play with speakers and trim and whatnot I'm going to need to pull that and break some tabs, so I should just order a bunch and keep them handy, right?

2- Do you have more photos like this one with everything removed?

I am hoping to never have to take the covers off, but if you have lots of pictures it can be useful for studying and learning. ESPECIALLY if (if possible) the lines and their numbers are traced over it. Different colored lines maybe? Who knows. Asking a lot, I know.

I haven't tackled this yet, as I've been traveling around and when in town I just use a hockey stick to press the button while I stand at the rear wheel and help the pump along. Lazy, I know. But I'm going to probably combine EVERYTHING with a top to bottom car inspection, my interior trim replacement, and a good thorough leather cleaning after my dog threw up salt water all over my back seat.

(BTW, going back to a comment I made in my thread, I finally picture the bow tension cylinder as what it's called after having watched more closely just how much of an effect it has on everything, and the relationship between the rear glass portion being totally tight and the front roof portion reaching the same status... Pretty cool. It does more than I thought it did.)
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