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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Me too, though they're already out of my range unless I was to get serious value for the M16. I would normally say start saving your pennies, but the current rate of inflation seems to be outpacing our ability to save money haha.

Honestly the one that really got me in this auction was the Lanchester. It was expected to fall in the 4-6k range and ended up in the 10k area. That really surprised me; everything is climbing, and fast. I don't know if 10 years down the road I'll be able to afford another one. I sorta had my eyes on a beltfed, like an M60, or an MP5. But those are going up quickly too. $50+k for an M60? Holy ****
Your M16 will be worth that of the Thompson in a decade, I assume, not really a viable source lol. I just had the same thought, that I'd have to start making some serious coin to catch up to its rate of inflation. If I ever splurge a lot of money for a gun, it'll be a Thompson for sure. Those things will always increase in price.

I like that MG42, too, but damn it went for a lot of money.

Another gun I'd like is a Glock 18, but that'll never happen haha.

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