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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
Your M16 will be worth that of the Thompson in a decade, I assume, not really a viable source lol. I just had the same thought, that I'd have to start making some serious coin to catch up to its rate of inflation. If I ever splurge a lot of money for a gun, it'll be a Thompson for sure. Those things will always increase in price.

I like that MG42, too, but damn it went for a lot of money.

Another gun I'd like is a Glock 18, but that'll never happen haha.
Haha the M16 has to catch the Thompson first. I'm not sure it will ever catch a Colt Thompson. If I ever got one though, there's no question whenever I went to shoot it I'd wear a zuit-suit. I'd have to get one custom made with the awesome pinstripes and the right hat. I'd totally show up to a range decked out in that with the violin case and the Thompson.

The MG42 is also badass, but it too went for ridiculous money. I know a few people outside of Jacksonville who have collections of these things who probably are buying this stuff up. But you have to have some serious cash to develop a collection of these things. I haven't added up the total of all the guns sold at the auction, but it was well over $1 million.

If you really want a G18, start a class III and get a demo letter from some department somewhere. That's all you need

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