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If you look at my photo album, you can see that I swapped out all the leds in my cluster to a color of my choice. It's quite simple actually. In fact, it's easier to remove them than to solder them on. They could've also placed black tape over or behind the plastic coverings, blocking the light. I think that would've been the easier route, seeing as many aren't as brave when it comes to taking a soldering iron to electrical circuits. It's easy, but doesn't mean anybody can do it.

Although your picture quality isn't the best that I could make out the finer details, the lettering on the dsc triangle, check engine light, airbag technically are engraved on a black background leaving the lettering clear in color. Any led behind it would shine at its color spectrum beautifully. It looks like perhaps a sharpee was used to color in the plastic plating, and also taped up as well. The sharpee would've allowed light to bleed through

I take that back, it looks as if the section that was meant to be blocked was spray painted over. Most definitely. The coloring seems all too uniform on the front. Sharpee or something to hide it back there would be too obvious. They probably colored in the led with a sharpee too.

Have you tried holding the dsc button down while the car is running? If the light turns on, I think i have the answer.
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