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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
cars with less hp, are cutting way better times. Chad knew it didn't matter if you had 1000000hp or 100hp. If you can't put it down, spend the cash on hookers. Now you are gonna go smaller turbine with better engine management.
I'm not sure if you're trolling or not yet.. but I'll respond anyways.

My car cut consistent.. 5.6s 60-130's.. on 19" wheels with 265/30/19 tires.. ( i misspoke before, they're 30's not 35's).. I was only utilizing that 890rwhp in 5th gear+.. and even then I was still on traction control all the way to 155mph.. but with boost by gear I was able to dial it in.. if I was on 18's with more sidewall, I'm sure I could have cut a slightly better time.. yes, I have more horsepower than I need.. but I was never after 1000rwhp.. my goal was a fast drag car and fast street car.. its not going to do both well. Just doesn't work like that.. and I was at a cross roads so I decided to go back to a more street friendly trim.

I was not aware of anyone cutting better than 5.6s with less horsepower unless you're referring to those who've basically cut 5.6s's as well with 6766's and roughly 800rwhp as opposed to my 890rwhp.. they did so on 18"s, or big drag radials..

Where Kenton refuses to sacrafice (and tom for the most part) on creature comforts of the car to make big power, I refuse to put on drag radials or big tires and make it look like a jacked up chevy nova.. Kenton found a great tire combo with some Apex 18"s on some beefier R888's.. looks great and doesn't look like a jacked up muscle car.

Sorry for the off topic Tom!
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