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Originally Posted by 323tom View Post
Does anyone else think filling the hpf catch can every 3-500 miles is abnormal? ...
I have never seen a hpf stg 4 car dynod anywhere but hpf so who knows if they actually ever made 1022 whp... Sps mustang dyno is very stingy I bet that my trans 1022 whp would have been closer to 950 on SPs dyno...
I empty my catch can every fill up...In hotter weather or spirited driving it doesn't catch anything...in colder weather alot more liquids condense and it has been half full on more than one occasion when driving normal in the cold.

As for the HPF cars making 1000whp yes the only ones I know of are MyTran and the HPF car. I know Jason was close around 960. I agree that SP's Mustang is more of a heart breaker dyno but still it would be interesting to compare...I think our cars do better with load but regardless hopefully you get the numbers you want shortly.
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