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Originally Posted by SK330ci View Post
OP, are you aloud to run any tire you want in the class you'll be Autocrossing in, like a DOT-R compound ? Or do you need to stay with an actual street tire.

If I had to choose a street tire, I second the Hankook RS-3 suggestion.

If money were no object and you could run a DOT-R spec tire, the absolute best bet would be the Hoosier A6.
Your second choice, and considerably cheaper would be the Hankook Ventus Z214.
Treadwear needs to be above 140 to be considered street tires. I don't have enough power/too much weight to compete in the R-comp class. Price is not really the issue. Brand and size are more important.

Right now I'm running -3 degrees camber up front and 235 tires. If I go up to a 245, I'd have to drop down to -2.5 degrees camber. If I go with a 225, I can run -3.5 degrees camber.
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