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Originally Posted by 323tom View Post
Ok, I was told by Rob that FSR informed you guys had to run solid motor mounts, he didn't say it was because of the 4" inlet pipe. Also xixixi needs to get laid but he did bring up a couple valid points, I have to empty my catch can every 3-500 miles, I know you said this is normal and the hpf catch can is tiny compared to the ones you guys build for supras, does anyone else think filling the hpf catch can every 3-500 miles is abnormal? Xixixi I have never seen a hpf stg 4 car dynod anywhere but hpf so who knows if they actually ever made 1022 whp... Sps mustang dyno is very stingy I bet that my trans 1022 whp would have been closer to 950 on SPs dyno...

Tom, do not focus on peak numbers.

a 750 whp E46 will / may beat a 1000 whp.

Remember the more peak power the less mid range, hence the worse the performance.

If you want to pull fast on the Street and during air port events you need a beefy mid range. I ve tested different bore / stroke / compression ratios / turbo sizes.

750 whp with beefy mid range will be "fast"
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