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Originally Posted by Mango View Post
yeah, but not for the rtab location.

use rubber rtabs and replace them often.
They were easier to install- and with poly you do not have to "replace often" as you say to do with rubber RTABs.

Alex, where I lived with my last ZHP (in PA) there is plenty of salt and snow. There is no problem with them from a grease/noise perspective in poor weather.

I wouldn't use poly anywhere else because other locations have a more dramatic impact on NVH. Although I have considered coupling poly FCABs with FSD shocks- but I don't think it's worth the effort to try it as it probably wouldn't work out that well.

My car with poly RTABs actually feels more stable in the back than an E36 M3 I drive regularly with more things replaced in the back and M3 RTABs with Limiters- though the difference is slight.

I used some washer/puller contraption to remove the old RTABs.

I do know jvit, and when I had my E36 M3 I respected his opinion quite a lot, but neither I nor a few other E46 M3 owners I hang out with have had any issues with poly RTABs. Also- E36 RTAB pockets are weak and I don't think correlation=causation from that standpoint.

I actually had the stock M3 bushings with limiters ready to install (again) on my last ZHP, and I got lazy and decided to give the Powerflex a shot. I don't regret it at all. When it came time to do RTABs on this one- the decision was Powerflex without question.

Have you really felt twitchy at the limit behavior from a car with poly RTABs? I doubt it.

I don't mean to call out Vorshlag- but binding sounds like improper/insufficient use of the copper anti-sieze, which is crucial with any poly bushing.

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