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I am positive that SP will hit the numbers you want, soon.

I have pushed my M3 on the dyno Dynamics back in 2008-2009. At least 5000 dyno runs. Maybe 10.000 dyno runs. So many...

On each dyno day I had 50 runs.

After all those dyno runs, I put the M3 on the road and this is where real life began.

On Dynamics I saw 997 whp thats almost 1176 on dyno jet.

Do you know what happened?

I suffered due to traction issues, cause dyno does not tell you if you have decent traction or not.

I suffered due to a poorly desinged power band. Twin 68 mm chargers spooling late @ 6800 rpm....

I sold my dyno Dynamics, as it was useless. A 1200 whp M3 does not mean that it will be fast.

Then I road tested till I hit 4,23 s 60-130 mph. I used the real road to test.

To make the story short, dont focus on dyno numbers. A 700 whp M3 with proper power band and decent traction will destroy a 1000 whp M3 easily. Its all about the power bands's overall efficiency and traction.

Dont rely/focus on dyno results. Remember there are at least 10 stage 3 & 4 HPF M3s and none of them are fast. They are what we call "dyno queens". Just numbers and no good times.

Have you seen any stage 3 & 4 M3s with sub 5 seconds 60-130 times? Nope, cause they just make the power on dyno.
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