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Going through the grits

What does this mean?" It's a very similar idea to 'Least aggressive first' it refers to the process of using different grit finishing papers of progressively finer grit or foam / wool pads with progressively denser pads to get a smooth finish (i.e. using finishing papers 500 grit increments will yield flatter results - 1000 > 1500 > 2000 > 2500 > 3000)

Scratches are identified by a grit number; "grit" is a reference to the number of abrasive particles per inch of finishing paper that are required to remove the scratches left by the grit scratches i.e. 2000 grit scratches are removed by using an abrasive rated at 3000 grit. You are actually replacing scratches with even finer scratches until they are invisible to the naked eye..

By going through the grits each progressive piece of grit finishing paper or pad removes the scratches from that previously used. Always start with the least abrasive combination, i.e. a machine polish and the least aggressive foam / wool pad.

If that combination doesn't remove the imperfections, using the same machine polish and change to a more aggressive pad, if the surface imperfections remain, then step-up the abrasive polish and use the least next level (abrasive)only when the paint has a consistently level, smooth, satin finish should you continue to the polishing stage.

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