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Originally Posted by 323tom View Post
I agree Mert, last year I only went up to Iboost 3 of 5 with 80 % ethanol content which I believe was around 26-28 psi and 800whp+ and I can tell you I was frightened when I heard the pro efi traction control go off for this first time, it felt insane! I never tried Iboost 5 as the vibrations my car was making was also scary, I believe it was the 1 pc drive shaft that I had removed now but SP says there is still vibrations but not sure if as bad as before.. Are you running solid motor/tranny mounts?

I do run stock mounts all over.

I used to have 1 piece carbon sheety meety pitty shaft, which failed 2 times.

I ended up with oem BMW shaft.

Although it failed, it did not make any vibs.

My 3 M3s do not vibrate.

What may vibrate on your beast:

- check the transmission, you may have damaged the tranny and it may vib. It may be the 1st to check.

- guibo, cheap product, test a new guibo.

- vibration damper, test a new damper.

- all pulleys, ac pulley, coolant pump pulley, steering pulley.

- flywheel, get it balanced.

Does the vibration happen at each gear between a certain rpm range_?

Have you tried driving @ 2nd gear @ 7000 rpm and is there any vibs or does it vibrate @ over a certain road speed?

Havee you checked your Wheel bearings?
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