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I Love Salt

Last pic is the sickness, nothing better than 2 ZHPs and my wannabe ZHP looking like glass... Weren't you taking pics with a good camera too? Send them to me!

A flock of Canadian geese took a **** on my hood on the way home (low flying breed) and you wouldn't believe the way those 200 lbs of white goose **** slid off like butter on a hot skittle onto all the cars behind me. Mine remains unaffected.

Your imola was so sick,

Brakes were HOLY FN SHIIT PEEL YOUR FACE OFF I am stlll drooling over them now..

Nice meeting you Andy! Code master you are.

George's car was not washed in 280,000 miles either, forgot to tell you that.

Dat sparkling techno violet metallic was the shiznit.

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