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Originally Posted by autoAER View Post

my first car was an e46, but it was much harder to take care of than my buddies e36. E36 will be reliable and also quite stunning if modded right. Also, an m3 might have a tad too much power for a first car... my E46 325xi brought me 2 tickets and around 850 dollars in speeding tickets and traffic school in only my first year of driving, and it only has 190 horsepower, as compared to an M3's 333...

anyway you go, stay safe and enjoy the bimmer

LOL@!!!! I'm ROFL really hard because this month makes it one year since I've owned my 325i and I can show you pages of speeding tickets that I have paid for. It's a humbling process haha...I'm good now though!

Def don't get an M3 as your first car because not many people can handle a lot of horse power.
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