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Originally Posted by Justinz View Post
I called them up they have a few different sites. None of the sites worked, they have multiple ebay accounts as well.
The person on the phone said that they can order through phone since apparently there is no other way of buying it online.
It would be ~290 or so for it painted and shipped. I forgot to ask about the grille or the fog lights which are probably not included since its not in the photo.
I may order since the price is lower but I am wondering how the paint would look.
I'm not an English teacher, but I'd caution you ALL on your use of pronouns in these threads where we're talking about different vendors. I was very clear when I reported my favorable experience with Umnitza, and a few posts later someone was mis-attributing my comments to another vendor.
With respect to the paint job of the prepainted bumper I got from Umnitza, I gave them the paint code from the engine compartment. The bumper i received was a great match.

(Sorry about others' experience with Greyhound- mine took a couple of days longer than i would have liked, but Greyhound called me when it came in and it was well packed and in good shape. BUT it was BIG. be prepared.)
My observation: The Umnitza Mtech II bumper is a great DIY project thanks to the availbility of prepainted option. It look s o much better than the original bumper.

Good Luck
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