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Hot Neutral

I'm putting some flooring in my attic, and had to move a couple of wires that were run over joists. That required rewiring a junction box with a light underneath it.

I also wanted to tap into the box for power to an attic light I'm installing, so I added an extender to enlarge the junction box (it was already pretty tight in there).

Power goes light-switch-switch. There are a couple of other lights that get power from this fixture (they are on their own switches).

When I opened up the box, I took note of the existing wiring (to put it back together). Since it's fixture-switch-switch, the wire coming from the switch is 14/2. However, the black wire from the switch was joined to the fixture's black wire.

From everything I've read, this should have been the white wire connecting to the fixture's black , and the black lead from the switch should have tied directly into all the other blacks.

I switched it over, and put tape around the white to indicate (per what I've read about wiring 3-way switches).

The light works, as it did before. Did I have a hot neutral?
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