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Originally Posted by cak323i View Post

Here are a few "action" pics of you detailing your salt lovin' car Didn't get as much after having that delicious iced drink you provided....man was that good! After having a few cups, all I wanted to do is sit in that chair in the garage and lounge in the sun.....wasn't thinking too much about anything else until I took you out for a ride and drive in my modded ZHP

It was amazing just how much of a difference you could see and feel while you were claying your car Mike! Especially on the hood. Glad I was able to show you guys just how easy it was to clay today

George's car - amazing that he has the mileage he does and has never changed plugs or washed the car.....

Shaun's 335i...even with a slight purple hue, this car looks spectacular!

I thought Katie's wheels looked so much better than Shaun's

Then there's my ZHP...

Next time I will get a group shot and more pics of everyone's car.....I need to start thinking of doing this when we bbq... At least there will be more get togethers in the future!
Charlie, I keep telling you...if you're buying, I'll get wheels today! As you and Mike are aware of, I have a fairly significant financial burden on my hands, so wheels are not happening anytime soon. And you and I BOTH know that Katie's wheels are definitely not better than mine. So I call BULLSHIT!!!

Love the purple HUE. SGM FTW!!!! My favorite color for E90's, along with AW, of course.

Man, do I hope my turbo's kick in sometime soon. All that lag is KILLING me.

Considering how much crap they talk, I'll school charlie and mike all day long. Haha. Ask Mike about focus flogging day and who had the best lap time, even though it was his first "auto-x event" and mike was a seasoned vet.
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