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Originally Posted by Schlag96 View Post
What exactly is a "juvenile" mod?

I think people's aesthetic tastes vary greatly and age has nothing to do with it.

I think the only way age comes into it is the proclivity toward showing bad judgement with respect to making mods that severely degrade the performance of the vehicle for the sake of aesthetics. And even then, if I feel like putting 19 inch M3 wheels on my 323 and i am well aware of the effect on driving performance, then to each his own, right?

I love you, man, but sometimes I think you're a notch too hard on people wanting to make their rides unique.
A juvenile mod are mods that are popular with juveniles. Making your ride unique is perfectly fine by me, so long as it doesn't negatively interfere with safety and function.

I can give you a lesson on lighting if you'd like. On more technical forums like M3forums, people know better. This stuff is not tolerated. Sometimes General is too general for my liking. As these cars are becoming more affordable, younger and younger people are getting their hands on them and doing dumber and dumber things.

It's also against DOT safety regulations
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