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Well, after a couple of weeks of dicking around with my Android D99+, here are my impressions:

-Don't get the Android version unless you have a lot of patience with electronics.

-The GPS antenna location is critical. I could not get a reliable signal behind the dash or around the windshield. I got an instant signal with the antenna on the outside of the car, but that wasn't practical. Under the hood near the cabin filter housing also worked, but I could not figure out an easy way to get through the firewall. I finally ran it back under the center console and mounted it behind my sliding tray. It still takes a couple of minutes to get a fix, but I can deal with that.

-Even if you can regularly tether your phone to other stuff, don't assume you can tether your Dynavin. I could not get an internet connection through my HTC One X no matter what I tried. It saw it and would connect, but never got a data connection. I finally got a portable hotspot from AT&T and it connected immediately. I ran a powered USB cable into the glovebox and keep it in there.

-If you get a backup camera, take the time to research exactly how to connect everything. It's not that hard once you know what goes where, but you have to know which wires to tap into.

Now that I've got everything working correctly, I love it, but man was it a hassle to get here.
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