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Originally Posted by ghorn View Post

So much crying. "We're becoming a nation of pvssies " Not sure who's the puss; the kids today, of the pearl clutchers who bemoan the state of the coddled kids today. Older ppl have been calling younger gens. "pvssies" for a while now...
Look, here is the problem.

We are creating pvssies by removing ALL frustrations, headaches, failures, and disappointments from their lives.

Realizing that I was NOT built to play football (however much I enjoyed it) was a good life lesson. So was s*cking at hockey, tennis, long-distance running, and wrestling. In fact, I learned more about self-confidence and accepting failures wrestling for one season than I did from a decade playing baseball. NOT being good at something teaches you to cope with failure, accept inadequacies, and recognize that you will not ALWAYS be the best (or even good). Today, we are taking all the failures out in the name of making life better for those who s*ck at them... in turn, we're not only failing to teach our kids how to play the game, we're teaching them how to deal with a loss... and THAT is a HUGE problem.

Those kids outside the big buildings on wall street... they are just complaining because they hate the haves... they are complaining because they don't know how to deal with being a have-not... and who can blame them when our system isn't set up to teach them that.

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