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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
I am a firmer believer that team sports/activities build character and help establish and strengthen qualities/traits that will help an individual succeed later in life both in their personal and professional aspirations.

If you create an environment in which no one is ever exposed to failure than you're setting up individuals for monumental failures later in life when their incapable of reacting appropriately.
Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
We are creating the most pathetic, wimpy, dependent, whiny brats on the planet.

My wife teaches 2nd grade and the majority of teachers don't share the same view point as the author, however a good portion of parents do.

One thing that I find frustrating for teachers, is the mainstreaming of "special need" students into regular classrooms. The majority of the special need students are fine, whether it be autism, down syndrome, MS or a physical disability. It's good for the classroom as a whole to learn from each others differences.

The problem comes in when there are children who are mentally unstable and cause a scene constantly which disrupts classroom learning from the other students. Parents continue to lobby for equality in fear of their children having a label, when the child would actually benefit from special learning.
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