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ALSZ isn't really relevant beyond the fact that the ALSZ is one of the modules that stores the Vehicle Order. The actual coding of the ALSZ does not change whether or not an automatic is present. DIS is a little weird in that if a module has errors present after recoding, it will say the recoding failed (even if changes were actually made). In your case, I suspect the errors were due to your HIDs (even if you coded the LSZ for HIDs, it will immediately throw an error for the lack of autoleveling).

Anyway, I really don't like DIS because it needlessly complicates a lot of items, VO changes being one of them. With NCS Expert, it's as simple as highlighting option code 205, hitting delete, and writing the new VO to the ALSZ and AKMB. Then after that you can hit "Process Car" and every module in the car will be recoded. After that deleting any left over error codes in (DSC, AKMB, and DME), and then clear the adaptions on the DME. It *should* start without any CAN errors.

VO change itself isn't strictly necessary either if you manually change all the right parameters in every module. The VO is just a string used by scanning tools, like DIS, to determine what equipment the car has. The car's modules themselves have no idea what that string means.

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