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Originally Posted by zmaerd
Dan, my bar arrived today(4/26/2004)! The bar itself is beautiful and without a flaw!!! I am a little disappointed with the quality of the base plates. The fact that these were the hold up definitely shows! The welding job doesn't look that great compared to the pictures you've posted. Looking at your product photos and then looking at mine I have to admit I'm disappointed. I'm curious to see what the other M3 owners think of theirs. I won't have a chance to install it until this coming weekend so hopefully fitment won't be an issue. At any rate, thanks for making good on the delivery date.
I've been following the M3 bar delays for a while (I was in the GB getting one for my regular 3er) and all I can say to those baseplates is DAMN

that is disgusting craftsmanship.....

Someone definately f-d up that weld job! Mine looks nothing like that.... Hopefully you can exchange those baseplates out... To have waited this long only to get shoddy looking plates like that... ..

I gotta believe that Dan will come through on this one.
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