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Originally Posted by matt0 View Post
I'm trying to decide between the Android and Windows OS, straight up I would rather have the Android but people are saying there's is **** etc but I don't know if that's just a hand full of users and most are fine etc. I would love to have Android and the App Store that comes with it for so many things.

Could people with working android units please post also as I haven't seen many, or if they're aren't working what issues you had?
I haven't any "issues" per se; you just need to be conversant with Android and getting it set up correctly. The Android units need a wifi connection, and you may or may not be able to do with your phone. I could not get mine to connect to my HTC One XL and had to get a portable hotspot.

You also need to be cognizant of how Android works in the background: The system can get corrupted if you turn off your car when it's in the middle of booting up or updating apps. I have mine set to update apps manually, not automatically.

Like all Android-based systems, it can occasionally go haywire and require reinstallation of the software. This hasn't happened to me, but it's been reported. Reflashing the OS isn't a big deal, but you do need to be comfortable with that kind of thing.

If you just want it all to work out of the box, get a WinCE unit. If you want the extra flexibility of Android and are willing to deal with the extra effort involved, you should be okay. Now that I have mine all set up and running smoothly, I love it.
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