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Re: Added 5 litres of coolant without bleeding

You will be fine. Go ahead and bleed the system upon filling it up only when the bleeder is open. Once while filling and it leaked from the bleeder screw tighten the cap then the screw. Drive till middle temp. The repeat after driving 2 miles. Don't ever open the expiation water cap while hot or even warm. Just the bleader screw slightly to let water out them as u see steam come out its working. As soon as u see only a steady steel of water tighten the bleeder screw. Ur now in good shape to drive. Stop every 10 miles to rest the car. Also pit the heater on 91 degrees and mid fan. Without the AC button or recycle mode. U will get hot so open the windows. Good luck. Also this is just my experience and advice. Not responsible for anything just giving you what I would do. Good luck.

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