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Originally Posted by bxny1984 View Post
So I'm an idiot because I saw first hand products that worked for my son who had cancer and am recommending it to someone else? WOW yet you are calling me an idiot. I don't even sell usana so I could give two ****s and a **** if anyone uses it.
You wrote:

"I can vouch for USANA. My son who had terminal cancer was taking another brand of vitamins from vitamin shoppe and another time from GNC and they weren't doing anything but making him feel worse. Then someone introduced me to USANA who his son was going through the same thing and I noticed my son was able to hold down his meals and had much more energy. Now he is cancer free. The vitamins didn't cure the cancer but they prevented him from getting sick by strengthening his immune system. Now I take USANA and work the USANA business part-time and make over $1,000/wk."

You bumped a 5 year old thread to post that, clearing searching for USANA.

Excuse me but the evidence against you is overwhelming... Apr/13 join date, bumping 5 year old threads to post about USANA, and only commenting on threads regarding it. You also stated you work the business and "make over $1000 a week". Now you are saying you don't even sell it?
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