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Did a little bit of minor maintaince on the M, dropped the oil and replaced with fresh and new filter last month. I finally found my vanos filter kit which I was looking for every where as was buried under a pile of crap!

Its not something that is on the service schedule but is worth replacing for the hell of it. I've seen some pictures and videos showing the filter having crud on there so was expecting the same with mine.

Simple DIY job, locate the vanos filter cartridge bolt, its a 22mm socket:

278 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

Place some paper towels or a thick cloth underneath the bolt to stop any oil dripping and simply undo the bolt and carefully remove.

You need three things part numbers are:
The Filter Cartridge: 11361401971
Small black O-Ring: 11311318659
Bigger brown O-Ring: 11361403325

279 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

This is the filter cartridge and I was surprised as to how fairly clean it was:

280 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

Simply remove the filter cartridge first with some needle nose pliers. The O-rings, remove the black one first followed by the brown one. Using a small flat head screw driver works best to remove them.

281 by djsyxx6, on Flickr
Refit the brown O-Ring first, followed by the smaller black one and finally clip on the new vanos filter cartridge.

282 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

Then simply refit back into your vanos job done.

Finally took some pics showing off the new amber lights. I recieved my facelift boot lights which I think tie in better. They weren't bad for reps but had a little trouble fitting one side but got there in the end. I bought the front indicators and side repeaters new from BMminiparts. Rear lights I tried to find original amber rears but they are so bloody expensive so gave up and Lamin-X my spare set of lights.

So just a couple of pics to show them off properly. I don't even know if I like them nor do I know why I fitted them but done so for the hell of it and they are what i call a seasonal mod for the summer. Smoked lights will be back on along with winter wheels for winter lol.

IMG_1581 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1588 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1590 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1589 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1575 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1574 by djsyxx6, on Flickr

IMG_1587 by djsyxx6, on Flickr
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