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Yesterday we hit the track for the first tracktest. Works fine, major traction compared to most E30 Turbos. 1 bar boost at the most. But we have to make som adjustment's and redyno it with different cam settings. It spools way to slow in current setup. The stock BMW cam settings is not sufficient with no vanos. It becomes a racing top end machine, not powerful low and mid end. (compared to what it should be with turbo boost).

There was some small niggels with air in the clutch, heat shield melting, coilcover melting and such, but thats to be expected first time out

It sounds and goes like a ********! I'll try to make another movie in a few days, for now I only have this flammable picture

The best i can do in the meantime is give you a taste of what S54 turbo feels like with a vid i made for a friend of mine last year with his S54 turbo powered E21

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