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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
Please explain the "sponsor" thing to me.

I just don't get it. You post up some pictures of your car on a forum and dudes just hand you sh(t for free? seems legit.
Not at all. Most of those groups providing parts require a solid return on investment via marketing, attendance at events, or your car being used as a display vehicle. Meguiars is a solid example. Not only did they want a sticker on the windshield of the vehicle, but they also wanted me to attend an event on their behalf and have my vehicle as their display car... did this at Carlisle.

AEM and Prosport wanted photos of the finished product for marketing purposes. ATI just gave me a discount on parts rather than handing them over free of charge.

Most of these groups are willing to work with those who modify their car but they essentially require two things :

- ROI : What will you be able to provide in return for them helping with cost (could be magazine coverage, event attendance, etc)
- Professionalism : I feel like a lot of people shoot themselves in the foot by making demands and approaching things from their perspective.. me me me me... instead, use social networking tools (LinkedIn for example) to locate the head of the marketing department at a company.. figure out what their goals are from a high level and how you can fit into those. One of my better agreements was through Rotora and resulted from them having a tiny presence in the E46 market. By providing parts for my vehicle, I was able to expose a lot of people to their product and, in turn, they were able to locate new customers. In fact, Rotora had 4 orders within a month of me posting up an article on here about their product.. each one informed their team they had seen it featured on here.

So how can you professionally sell your value to a company and respectfully request their assistance in return? That's the goal.

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