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Originally Posted by ca5ua1ty View Post
Please update your signature pic with that gorgeous intercooler. I'm sure i will be beating a dead horse on this one, but what did you do for the dual exhuast set up?
I definitely am a sucker for the intercooler. The oil cooler on top just pushes it over the top

As for the exhaust, I think this thread will make you happy :
Originally Posted by jdny516 View Post
FYI Chase, you need to get an Eisenmann.
Eisenmann sounds excellent but with the work we did to the rear bumper and the exhaust fabrication required to make all that stuff fit, I don't think we'll be swapping out mufflers any time soon
Originally Posted by MachRc View Post
congrats CHase!
Thanks bud

Everything you need to know on muffler deletes :
Wrapping an E46 in Vinyl :
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