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Originally Posted by jwbeck17 View Post
Completed the work yesterday. The l-shaped T40 torx wrench was still too long, so I went to the hardware store and got a T40 torx screwdriver/drill bit (they only had the security version, but it still works) and I got a 1/4" ratchet wrench. I was able to barely slide the bit in with the round ratchet part of the wrench slid overtop. I was able to pop the fill plug loose (thought I had stripped it, but no), then got to my business. For others, you don't need a ratchet version as you just need a bit and 1/4" wrench to break the seal, then it unscrews by hand.

The rest of the steps in the DIY on this site were right on. Only nuances I ran into were:

- dropped the pan removing it from the transmission. Minor mess, but no problem.
- biggest pain was getting the tranny hot, then trying to get the fill plug back in with fluid running out. The tight space, hot and slippery fluid was really problematic, but it got done.

Original fluid was really dark at 106K, and I may do another flush in the future to clean it up even more.

I haven't noticed any real benefit, but the car shifted great before, so I did not anticipate anything more.

All happy though!

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I dropped the driveshaft so I could get a torque on the fill plug, my hands were slipping all over the fill plug with the driveshaft out of the way I can't imagine trying to do it with it in place. If you have a helper it makes reinstall and torque of the drive shaft bolts a breeze, he holds the brakes while you torque, and I did match mark the shaft.
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