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Originally Posted by MalibuMafiaV View Post
I'm having misfiring issues as well at full boost at the end of 2nd gear when switching into 3rd occasionally and that's with colder plugs. My ignition coils have also been replaced. At this point it's got to be injectors or fuel pump in my opinion. So might want to keep those two things in mind. But since your kit was designed with the current injectors and fuel pump your issue may be just the spark plugs. Try out the Denso IK22's like I recommended, there cheap and worth trying just to see if that fixes your issue.
Originally Posted by MalibuMafiaV View Post
11.5 afr is running rather rich. 14.7 is ideal and perfect. His numbers are fine and afr bounces all over the place when idle, pressing the gas slightly or slamming the gas. When in full open throttle if it reads to about 14 that's perfect. I do agree he should get some colder plugs though to see if it resolves the misfire issue.
You really wonder why you are having misfire issues??? Let me drop you a hint, YOU'RE RUNNING TOO LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't really say if it's the injectors or fuel pump until you know the injector duty cycle. Unless his injector duty cycle is nearing 85 percent, I would not worry about the injectors, unless his fuel pump drops pressure under boost, I would not worry about that either.
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