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Originally Posted by Nerdy46 View Post
You cant really tune for crap at idle with a wideband. Any sort of overlap and you can see rich conditions. It also depends on the placement of your wide band. Depth, distance, etc. Ive always tuned by feel for start and idle, that or played with the adaptive values a tad. However one time i got stuck chasing a lazy 02 sensor... Didnt realize till later in the day when i replayed the logs...

Also im not sure what software is being used... or much about tuning e46's at all for that matter. But it would be nice to get a fuel saving tune... it made a big difference on my other car.
Yeah, I mentioned overlap. But 14 or so at WOT under boost is crazy by anyone's standard. I see your sig, you're playing with the Quarter Horse, right??? Nice little tuning device. Has it's limits like a TwEEcer, but it's nice. Let's not high jack this dude's thread, he built a hell of a car. I would hate to see him melt it down by taking some dumb advice about tuning at WOT and boost for a 14:1 AFR.
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