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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Everyone thinks they have to over analyze every fuucking thing they do. Sorry for cursing but it's getting kind of annoying repeating ourselves. There are about 7 of us around here that keep beating this into peoples heads and they just keep trying to argue it or find the magic potion of workout splits. IMO they want unrealistic goals in unrealistic times.

Here's your magic workout...

Squat-front or back or both. I don't give a fuuck.
Barbell Bench Press
Standing overhead press
Power Clean if you feel like learning it
Pull ups
Chin ups

Then add the accessory stuff in like lunges, leg press, RDL, dumbbell bench, push ups, front raises, side raises, shrugs, tri work, bi work. Do a split, do a ABA BAB split, do an upper/lower slip.

Arrange these lifts however the hell you want. Just hit them frequently and as hard as you can. If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough.

Do 3x5, 4x6, 3x12 whatever. You will make progress if you do this sh1t and stay consistent.

Lift often, eat a lot of good calories, and get a good night sleep.

Come back in 3 years and let us all know your progress.

God I wish I knew this sh1t when I was some of your guys ages.
I like this, it's simple and straightforward... So I live in the boonies and am getting tired of being scrawny (5'7" 133lbs), what equipment should I pick up for all that stuff? Do you find it used very often? My goals aren't too lofty, 145-150 and cut/healthy is all I'm looking for.

I'm figuring the consensus here is eat well (which I do), and do these things?
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