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Originally Posted by breiwa1 View Post
I think must haves for a nice lawn are:

1. Spinkler system (not a must for smaller yards, but it makes it much easier and they never forget or are too lazy to water)
2. Constant attention to weeds- I manually remove as much as I can and spray the entire lawn three times a year
3. Constantly patching dead spots from pets or whatever
4. De-thatch 1 to 2 times a year.
5. Sharp mower blades, level deck and constant mowing (careful not to wait too long because it can harm the grass if you are cutting off a large percentage of the plant at once)
6. Fertilize often, even before winter if possible (but be careful not to burn the lawn-ask me how I know)

I recently switched to a liquid fertilizer because it ends up being about 1/3 of the cost I was paying for the other stuff. I get mine from fleet farm 2.5 gallons will do 50k sqft of lawn.
I'm down for the spray kind, what's the brand and cost of what you use? Also, what is your fertilizer schedule since we are in the same area?

I really need to get a tow behind dethatcher...
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