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Another update? I get too much haters up in here, lol.

probably at 20k now on the kit. Still love them just as much. No squeals, not blown anything, no clunks. Only NEW thing so far is I got my top hats swapped. did it wrong at first and sported -4.4 camber for a weekend. tires hated it, but my twisty drive down to bimmerfest could not have been better. any how, fixed the top hats, now get -2.5 with the hats swapped. still clear the struts just fine, no issues whatsoever. Im saving up for a TCKline kit because I DO plan on tracking this beast soon, but dont want any surprises if I happen to push this kit too far.
When I got it, Kris said it was a DD kit, not so much was said ab track usage.

here's how I sported the kit for a while on varstoens - 13f and 13.5 rear.

then here's the car on apex's and a little higher 13.5f 13.75rear.

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