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Originally Posted by Ghostie View Post
Why do you need to go to a Police supply store to get your pants hemmed? Is there some sort of Tactical stitching involved that a regular tailor can't do?


Or is "Pant's hemmed" police code for something else?
Public safety supply stores (Streichers does LE, security, Fire and EMS) have a lot of experience with the respective services and what is expected from their equipment and design. I've gone to normal alterations shops in the past, but you have to spend 5 minutes explaining crap to them to get them to understand that everything needs to be beefed up and how to adjust the pants correctly and all that. I walk into Streichers or another place and say "I want ____ altered" and I can speak the lingo to them and get the info out in about 15 seconds and get back what I asked for.
Most LE won't go to a non-LE place unless they have experience, because we want to deal with people who actually understand what we're talking about.

But more to the point, I bought the pants there and they did the hems in the first place, so I had them correct it. It took 2 minutes and it was free. Plus, it's 5 minutes from my house.

Originally Posted by tailo View Post
If your gunshop offered that survice you would go elsewhere?
The LE store I go to most is Streichers, and they sell guns and ammo. The prices they have are all the "blue label" prices, which most gun shops are not privy to. Streichers is an authorized LE dealer for S&W, Kahr, Kimber, Sig, Springfield Armory, BCM, LWRC, AI, DPMS ( ) and a couple others. Because of that place and the internet, I rarely go to actual gun shops anymore.
Bill's Gun Shop, the major indepenent place in the metro, had their own LE supply business in their basement for a while, but they ran it into the ground and it went under.

Originally Posted by Retrax View Post
Proctor is a tiny town. Their website says they are 3 square miles and have 4 cops, 1 Sgt, and their chief. I wouldn't think they would need much ammo to run qual shoot, but it looks like they have learned not to let their supply dwindle to the last few boxes.
It was a budgeting issue where they were only able to buy enough ammo for the near future. They don't have the budget to do what we do in the metro where many LE agencies are sitting on a 5-10 year supply. By the time Proctor was able to buy ammo, there was none available on the market. Poor planning most definitely, but it was the fault of the bureacracy from what I understand.

Case in point, my agency has been "situation critical" with AR mags for 10+ months, but we only got authorized to get replacement mags in December. After SANDY HOOK! Yep, just got our order's shipping confirmation today.
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