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That looks really good, glad they worked out. Half the posts in here are reasons I don't bother with forums other than DIY and the occasional post a pic or build thread.. elitist fuks who think that a 13 year old car, (op's case 7?) is gods gift to man and every part on it should be OEM or carry the price tag of a used car..

While I agree 100% that the m3 is an amazing car, I just got mine and I love it. But **** all you preaching to the 2k$ suspension setups or OMFG YOU DIDNT BUY AN OEM BUMPER GUIDE - head asploded - and then bashing on a guy for throwing a set of $500 coils on his "50k chariot" just prove the point that you have no community or "enthusiast" spirit, just a bunch of douches with money, or credit cards to waste and max to hate on this guy. It's a BMW in the end, not a fking Zonda..

OP, great looking car, love that fender stripe, can you go any lower? If I wasn't set on having custom rates done and getting a set of BC racing coils I would probably snag these tonight. Keep it up and let the elitists fund the overpriced inflated import market. If the parts quality and the company has the mindset of bringing an affordable piece to the market, support them day and night!
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