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Morning Gents

Couple things of discussion today

1. What do you guys where? This was a topic in golfwrx.com, but i'd rather chat with my fanatics.

Shirts - Couple solid color Nike Dri-fit polos, and some Head polos I got for $10 each at Marshalls, can't be that, dry fit as well.
Pants - Some hugo boss slacks (flat front) work well for not so warm days, but I also have a number of plaid shorts and a pair of plaid Nike Dri-fit pants that surprisingly work pretty awesome.
Shoes - Crappy pair of black nick golf sneakers which are not in use anymore. A pair of brown/white Allen Edmond wingtips, because i'm a douchbag.

I am in the market for a nice (inexpensive) pair of navy and light gray (or white) straight leg, slightly slimmer fitting, dry golf pants. I hate the fact that Addidas/Puma/Nike have these for sale for $70-$100. Anyone have a decent brand where I can snatch somthing like this up for $30ish?

Also, the wingtips aren't particularly for wear with shorts, so I am in the market for a white golf sneaker. The FootJoy M Projects have caught my eye. The white/lime green will match my new TaylorMade Stratus 3.0 bag, which is white/black/slime green

In addition, is anyone keeping tabs on this retarded Sergio Garcia BS? I lost a lot of respect for the Golf channel over the last two days. They are making a bigger deal out of this than they need to IMO. Who cares he said fried chicken... there were PLENTY of other things that could have been said that were much worse, but he poked fun at a stereotype. Now they are talking about racism counseling, taylor made and addidas are throwing out more apologies than anything I have ever seen. This kind of reaction promotes more sensitivity to racism in general, and you can tell that the commentators have to just say how appauling and wrong this is, because god forbid one person says "who effing cares" they will be blamed for being a racist.

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