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Big Parking lot at night in winter when it's just snowed.

1)turn DSC Off.
2)Start at low speeds to get a feel for oversteering.

basically you can turn your front wheels left or right, floor it, then when oversteer occurs, just counter steer.

If you go faster like I do (usually 90-100 km/hr ) (yeah it's a big ass parking lot with a nice runway) you can feather brake into an oversteer.

Or you can keep the speeds lower (30-40) and perform a J-turn by disbalancing your car, then pull up and drop the e-brake to give a litthe swing. It's almost like doing a reverse 180.


Look where you want to go.

Practice in the wee hours of the morning 1-4am, because no one is there, and you won't risk injuring others in case something goes wrong.

If there is a car which enters the lot. Be curteous and come to a full stop and let them pass.
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