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So from what I understood to improve my form:

1- In order not to flare my elbows, I keep them under my shoulders based on what I read here and elsewhere. Do I need to keep my elbows tucked in but at the same line as my shoulders? I don't get this, not making sense to me. If you have a video that would be great.

2- Do you mean to tighten my posterior chain and contract my abs when I'm pressing?

3- What about my grip width? I put my ring fingers on BB's circle marks. Should I go wider/narrower?


Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
As I suspected, very little thoracic extension and your elbows are well below your shoulder line, shifting almost all of the emphasis to your delt (..and taking the emphasis off of your pecs). Also, if you braced your posterior chain properly and contracted/flexed your abdominals, you wouldn't have the issue with arching your body (..causing your butt to leave the bench) and breaking form. It would also greatly improve your bench strength.
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