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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
So from what I understood to improve my form:

1- In order not to flare my elbows, I keep them under my shoulders based on what I read here and elsewhere. Do I need to keep my elbows tucked in but at the same line as my shoulders? I don't get this, not making sense to me. If you have a video that would be great.

2- Do you mean to tighten my posterior chain and contract my abs when I'm pressing?

3- What about my grip width? I put my ring fingers on BB's circle marks. Should I go wider/narrower?


It's really hard to tell from the side, but I'll try my best to answer your questions:

  1. Elbow flare is mainly addressed with elbow correction under load. Limb length should be the deciding factor on hand placement. I will be doing a video for you tomorrow.
  2. Yes! Your body should be in a rigid isometric position during the entire press. A person should be able to apply some amount of force to your body and not disturb your position. Think about it from a martial arts perspective; that may help you better understand what I mean.
  3. Without being able to see where you're gripping the bar, I can't say whether or not you need to widen or narrow (..but your elbows are dropping far too low below your shoulder line Ziggy z00)!
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