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Will be waiting for your video sir to address those points.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
It's really hard to tell from the side, but I'll try my best to answer your questions:
  1. Elbow is flare is mainly addressed with elbow correction under load. Limb length should be the deciding factor on hand placement. I will be doing a video for you tomorrow.
  2. Yes! Your body should be in a rigid isometric position during the entire press. A person should be able to apply some amount of force to your body and not disturb your position. Think about it from a martial arts perspective; that may help you better understand what I mean.
  3. Without being able to see where you're gripping the bar, I can't say whether or not you need to widen or narrow (..but your elbows are dropping far too low below your shoulder line Ziggy z00)!
The hip just moves as I balance my body with my heels. Hopefully once I see Steve's video I'll get the gist of it. Funny part, the same thing happens with incline DBs presses but I can minimize hip movement due to incline position.

Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
Yeah Steve's got it.

Don't do that pelvic thrust either haha.
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