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Originally Posted by DILLA View Post
Every bench set for me:
-Attain grip position (pinkies on the ring for me)

-pull chest to bar and pinch shoulder blades together, locking them in and setting myself back down (keep them locked through lift)

-arch back, feet will be pulled closer to your head, your knees will be below your waist line and toes(balls of your feet) will be touching (this eliminates any butt lift, you cant lift your ass even if you tried in this position if you are doing it right)

-hold air in chest (still breathing though!) bring bar down to sternum line controlled, drive through the balls of your feet, through your lats, and through your chest. (YES! this is a full body excercise!)

Flat back, flat footed benching is only asking for future shoulder problems. The best videos I've seen that accurately depict how to bench properly are the "so you think you can bench" series.
this is exactly what I do. It is funny that you put it this way (with the balls of the feet) because I was thinking I wasn't flexible enough to place my feet flat (which I thought was imperative) but I went with it anyways. Good writeup
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