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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
Thanks for the detailed steps.

I have watched all parts of "so you think you can bench" series before. I learned a lot from it (eyes level, not to flare shoulders, etc...). I tried pressing with ball of my foot, but my quads get tense and numb which causes me to lose focus from my pecs. Using my heel works better for me. I naturally tend to arch my back as it feels better.

The one thing I did not do was keeping my posterior chain tight. Between these tips and the video Steve will upload hopefully I'll improve my form.
driving through the heels will make it much easier to drive through your rear leg muscles, through the lats and then through the chest. I just physically can't. I tried yesterday and can't position myself to the point where my heels are touching and when I drive through my butt will stay on the bench when I drive through.

Maybe a wider leg stance?

This is how my body is when I bench, notice heels aren't down. (not me in pic) butt is down.

wider leg stance, heels are down, crappy pic, but you get the idea. (again, not me)

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