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I am very curious of how you get the alleged
538 ''RWHP'' which in English equates to
''Rear Wheel Horse Power'' from an S62 Motor ?

Assuming 15% for Drive Train loss then are
you seriously suggesting that the S62 makes
near on 600 BHP at the Crank N/A for an engine
that eats shells when revved past 7500 rpm ?

The BMW P60 B40 engine which was the genuine
ALMS 2001 V8 engine, and when run with the
32mm restrictors, as run, they made around
460 BHP, circa 500 ish without.

P60 B40 was also Flat Plane Crank, and was
very special limited edition Race engine that
would rev to 9000 rpm + and had
its origins from the Swiss Mader factory etc.
All the P60 B40 engines were recalled back to
BMW MS/AC Schnizter, hence why the S62 V8
sits where some P60 B40 use to.

Is your car minus the rear Subframe version, ie the
RTA's and Diff are effectively mounted directly
to the rear of the chassis/mono couque and you
have the 320 STW [e36 Super Tourer]
rear suspension with the suspension Rockers
and the blade/ARB set up, with the Mag Front struts
sat on the Grp A rod ended front arms ?

Great Cars, not sure about the S62 though as
the heart of the 2001 ALMS car was the P60 B40.
You could always do an ''Edlinger'' and fit an
Indy Racing Leagues 3.5 V8 converetd to
run on Petrol not meths !


The Gorilla.
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