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Many thanks for your response.

Yes the Sister Car was in Australia and
maybe in NZ now, it was also recently,
[few months ago] advertised for sale,
but do not believe it sold.

There was talk they were trying to
change the engine but I do not know
anymore than that at this point.

Last pictures I saw and the Car was
all still together, there was a Magazine
or Publication seeking to do a feature.

I was not trying to be arguementative in
respect of the Data and engine figures but
so many times I have seen these RWHP
figures from USA Dynos which with all due
respect show higher numbers than the Guys
who actually built the MS cars/engines have
ever achieved themselves, ie] BMW.

All that aside, its an Iconic Car and respect to you
for using it for its intended use, instead of
it being moth balled in some garage and polished
once a week.

Are you running a Bosch MS ECU ? or Aftermarket,
and do you still have the Vanos or has that been

Many thanks,


The Gorilla.
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