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Originally Posted by sanfransoxfan04 View Post

The steering wheel controls should have been more obvious to me, but I got so hung up on the fact that there was nothing in google or here about this part number. That's all working now.
Trust your eyes more than 3 year old posts found on google! Male plug goes in female receptacle.....

Originally Posted by sanfransoxfan04 View Post
One thing that is bothering me is a bit of static noise when the volume is at 1. Turn the volume to zero and its silent, turn it to 1 and its present. Worst on the Radio, but also present on CD, Aux, etc. My amp setting is set to NONE but I also tried Common. None is the correct setting for me I believe. I have an aftermarket amp in the trunk, the installer located the PAC LOCs in the trunk as well.

In a few weeks we are re-wiring everything to use the RCA connections to an Audison Bit Ten D so it may be a moot point.
If you have an aftermarket amp running your highs....your amp gain is too high and/or your LOCs are too low. Set the dynavin AMP setting to NONE, and turn your gain down on your amp. You should see volume numbers in the 40s, if less than that your gain is too high, its all about correctly setting that instead!

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